Lansdowne Centre's Halloween Photobooth!

To the community of Lansdowne Centre, thank you for checking out the Canuck Place Photobooth on Hallowe'en, and donating to the children and families at Canuck Place Children's Hospice!   

As you download your photo memories, consider contributing to Canuck Place, and supporting the memories of over 670 families in BC!

Your contribution can change lives.

Canuck Place brings clinical care and hope to children and families on a difficult journey when there is no cure. The focus is to celebrate each moment and build precious memories together, regardless of the child’s situation or the time they have left.  Canuck Place is only reaching 20-25% of the children with life-threatening illnesses who need this specialized care in British Columbia.

Critical Care.

Canuck Place is BC’s recognized pediatric palliative care provider. The unique and talented team of physicians, nurses, recreation and music therapists, counsellors, staff and volunteers provide 24/7 respite and family support, province-wide phone consultation and in-house clinical care, pain and symptom management, grief and loss counseling, including music and play therapy, art, education and recreation therapy, and end-of-life care.  With caring, professional staff and over 325 volunteers, it is a place for children and families to come in their greatest time of need.

Be a part of TEAM Canuck Place. Help bring care and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and a lifetime of difference for the families who love them.