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Your organization’s participation in the Canuck Place Adventure Race will build courage
for BC children and families facing life-threatening illnesses.

Encourage Team Building

Teams work together to train, fundraise and strive towards a common goal.  Your employees’ participation will encourage healthy competition and challenge other departments to form their own teams.  When you involve your entire workplace to make fundraising a group effort, you help create a sense of team accomplishment and pride.

Promote Health & Well-Being

Making regular exercise and nutrition a priority in your workplace can increase general employee health and well-being.  Exercise leads to improved productivity, increased energy levels and boots brain power.

Raise Your Social Responsibility Profile

Be a leader in Corporate Philanthropy and showcase your company’s dedication to supporting the community.  Brand your team with your company’s logo and show the world that your company is aligned with BC’s leading pediatric palliative care provider.

Build Courage

Your support will build courage for BC children and families facing life-threatening illnesses. Thank you for getting together with your coworkers and friends to get active, add meaning to your miles, and most importantly to help the children at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Click here to download the Corporate Challenge poster!


Sign your team up today!

Registration Process

Step 1

Click Register Now!

Step 2

Forming a Team
This step needs to be performed only once by the Team Captain. This person will create the name of the team, identify the company your team is associated with, enter the team's fundraising goal, and click the next step button to complete their registration. The team captain will be able to manage the team page and recruit and contact team members from their participant centre once they complete registration.

If you don't see the company you are associated with in the dropdown, type the company name into the space provided and it will then be added to the dropdown for when your colleagues and teammates register.

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Please note: a company can have an unlimited number of teams associated with it. Keeping in mind that teams must cross the finish line together, we strongly recommend that you form teams based on fitness level.

Joining a Team
Anyone who wants to join a team will simply click
I would like to join an existing team, enter the team name in the space provided, and proceed through the registration process. Alternatively, participants can select their company from the dropdown menu and click search to see all teams associated with that company.

Relay Teams
The Adventure Race does have a relay option where groups of three will each complete one leg of the race (kayak, bike, or run). The steps will be the same as above but participants will need to select the relay option as they proceed throughthe registration process. Relay teams can still be part of larger corporate teams.

Step 3

Once registered, participants will be taken to their Participant Centre where they can customize their personal fundraising pages and send emails out to all of their family members, friends, and colleagues to solicit donations!


The Canuck Place Adventure Race is a fundraising event with 100% of the proceeds going toward care for BC's children and families when they need it most. The fundraising goal for participants 18 and over is $1,000 - but you don't have to do it alone! Corporate teams are encouraged to fundraise together and to make it fun!

Canuck Place staff are also here to support you in your fundraising efforts. We will be sending out newsletters with fundraising and training tips and we welcome you to view our Fundraiser Toolkit with countless tips and ideas to kickstart your fundraising.

For more information please contact